Threads: What Does It Mean for B2B Marketers?


Oh no, another App?


In a world where new apps are constantly being launched, it takes something truly exceptional to capture my attention and motivate me to install and engage with it. I am sure many of you feel the same way!


However, Threads by Meta eliminates the usual installation hesitations. The setup process is seamless as it allows users to effortlessly create an account directly from Instagram, and transfer followers and connections easily.


And, Threads’ user interface is very similar to Twitter. This familiarity presents a significant advantage as the vast majority of users are already accustomed to the Twitterverse.

Should B2B Marketers Jump on Threads Right Away?


As highlighted in my book, harnessing the power of social media to build deeper connections with B2B customers is not just an option—it’s a necessity. But when it comes to Threads, should B2B marketers jump on the bandwagon right away?


In Part Five of my book (Part Five: “Unleashing the Power of Social Media”), I emphasize how it can be beneficial to take advantage of the latest shiny thing in social media, whether it’s a new platform or new features on an existing one. The same is true with Threads. I am not surprised that major brands have already hopped on the Threads train.


My recommendation, therefore, is: Do not ignore Threads. It clearly has the potential to surpass Twitter in terms of popularity and reach, and more so in the APJ region. Meta platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp have already established a strong presence in the global market, including the APJ region, surpassing Twitter. With Threads seamlessly integrated into Instagram, the platform is well-positioned to gain popularity VERY FAST.


Moreover, we have witnessed many times before, early adoption often brings great wins and visibility before a platform becomes crowded and noisy. Embracing Threads early could generate buzz, publicity, and increased customer engagement.


Having said that, a quick test to decide whether you should be on Threads is quite simple: If your audience is there, then you should join!

Some Features of Threads for B2B Marketers to Take Note Of:

  • As highlighted, Threads seamlessly integrates with Instagram, making it super easy to switch between the two platforms. A major plus!
  • You have the ability to Repost and do Quoted Reposts, similar to Twitter and LinkedIn. This is ideal for business use.
  • Unlike Instagram, Threads allows the posting of links, which expands the possibilities for sharing content; again, ideal for businesses.
  • Searching and filtering the feed seems still limited. The feed displays the most popular or relevant posts based on algorithms, with priority given to accounts you follow. Let’s watch this space.
  • During a time when Twitter is becoming more closed, Threads plans to be open. Threads is on the trend toward more open social networks as Meta explained its plan to make Threads part of the fediverse—a network of interconnected servers operated by various third parties that can communicate with each other.
  • Ads on Threads will be very powerful. While there are currently no ads yet, Zuckerberg has shared that monetization will be considered once the platform reaches a billion users. While in my book I didn’t recommend ads on Twitter due to its limitations in tracking and targeting, Threads presents a very different scenario. With Meta’s robust targeting capabilities and advanced tracking functionalities, and the ability to leverage existing Instagram data, B2B companies can potentially achieve greater access to their customers.

Potential Uses of Threads in B2B Marketing:


In my book, on page 146 under “Unleashing the Power of Social Media,” I outlined strategies for how B2B marketers can leverage Twitter. The strategies hold true for Threads as well. Considering the potential growth and reach of Threads, I do recommend B2B Marketers to get involved early, more so in APJ. Being early can help your brand stand out.


As with Twitter, with Threads, you can:


Enable Real-time Conversations: B2B marketers can engage with their audience, respond to inquiries, provide customer service, provide quick updates, and foster meaningful interactions.


Reach a Large Audience in Real Time: B2B marketers can share important announcements, industry insights, and thought leadership content, and engage with a wide range of potential customers in real time.


Target Specific Audiences through Influencer Collaboration: B2B marketers can collaborate with industry influencers and thought leaders to amplify their message, expand their reach, and gain credibility within their target market.


Finally, as mentioned above, keep an eye on Ads on Threads!


In summary, my suggestion is: B2B Marketers, familiarize yourself with Threads today! Create your account and explore. Do not worry about a long-term Thread strategy as yet, learn as you go, get inspired and keep an eye when those ads become available.

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