I tried ChatGPT … and WOW!

Calling all marketers to embrace this technology

Last week, Artificial intelligence research and deployment company OpenAI has published a new chatbot tool, ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) and let me tell you, it is the first time that a taste of AI really blew me away. 

On the surface, this search-engine like tool doesn’t look like much, but it can take care of a variety of time-consuming tasks from writing copies, formulating business plans, generating ideas, answering complex questions to writing code and crafting  poetry –  all in just an instant. Furthermore, the bot can easily make edits to your liking – everything from the tone & style to the length of the copy . Where before we could spend hours researching, understanding and writing an article on a given subject matter, ChatGPT can produce a well-written alternative in mere seconds.

In marketing, ChatGPT will revolutionise the way content is created, distributed and consumed. ChatGPT will not only help content creators make stronger content, but it drastically reduces the time needed to do so.  With ChatGPT , EVERYONE can be an excellent content creator. 

There are of course some limitations, but let me remind you that this is an early demo/ a research release of what’s possible . It will just get better with time. And in the future imagine its impact once it offers visual,  audio and video production capabilities.

It is VERY hard to overestimate how Open AI will change our lives and the economy!

Human and Machines should be partners 

I am a believer that humans and machines should be partners. In this case, you and ChatGPT – your AI co-worker – should work together and the combined strengths can turn  you into something like a superhuman. ChatGPT empowers you, it is a tremendous time saver, skyrockets productivity and amplifies your creativity.

Do not be afraid, creativity will always matter. Just look into the most spectacular images built with AI : they are always still manipulated by talented artists. The people with the greatest creative talents aren’t going to be irrelevant. They will use the technology, and manipulate it just like we did with music, in new and wonderful  ways.

This tool will dramatically enhance the capabilities of those who embrace it and it can hurt people who don’t . You can choose to be afraid of ChatGPT, or you can choose to be excited. Well, I choose to be excited and I invite all marketers to embrace the technology and feel the same way I do!

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